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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Marva Collins Cottage School
thanks our generous donors

THE ABNEY FAMILY - building fund & Cottage School Scholarship Fund

THE ALLEN FAMILY - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

C. ALLUMS - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

THE ARLINE FAMILY - building fund

THE ARLINE-BRADLEY FAMILY - Chromebook & classroom library

THE AZENE FAMILY - outdoor play equipment 

T. BLASSINGAME - building fund, STEM tools & classroom library

N.J. BUTE - building fund

M. COFFEY - building fund

D. DANGLER -  building fund & classroom library

E. ESTEVES - instructional materials

THE FEIN FAMILY - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

J. GAREAVE - building fund

B. GEARY - STEM tools & classroom library

M. GRUBY - building fund

R. HOLDER - building fund

A. HOLLAND - building fund

D. HOWLAND - building fund

H. FRANKLIN - building fund & scholarship foundation administrative expenses

THE HILL FAMILY - building fund, classroom library & instructional materials

THE JOHNSON FAMILY - building fund, curriculum & instructional materials

J. JONES DUNN - building fund

H. JORDAN - classroom library

THE JORDAN FAMILY - iPads & classroom library

K. KLEIN - classroom furnishings

A.G. LAMBERT - classroom library

M.K. LAMBERT - building fund

E. MANES - classroom library

A. MANINI - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

M. McGREEVY - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

L. McNAMARA - classroom library

R. McNEELY - building fund

THE MEDEIROS FAMILY - classroom library

THE METEAU FAMILY - classroom library

A. NASH - building fund

R. NASH - curriculum & instructional materials

C. PARKER - building fund

M. PIGGEE - building fund

A. RICHARDS - classroom library

W. SCOTT - building fund & Cottage School Scholarship Fund

R. SHELTON - building fund

C. SMITH - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

S. SMITH - building fund

THE SMITH FAMILY - classroom library

A. STRANG - building fund

C. WAUGH - building fund

A.V. WILLIAMS, MD - Chromebook

E. WILLIAMS - building fund

D. WILLIAMS - Chromebook

R. WILSON - building fund

R. WIMPEE - Cottage School Scholarship Fund

S. YAO - building fund

S. ZAMORANO - curriculum & instructional materials

Looking for a way to make an impact?

Want to give the gift of education?
Donate to our scholarship fund!


can purchase art and craft supplies


can purchase library books


can purchase curriculum and instructional materials


can purchase robots


can purchase iPads or classroom furniture


can help purchase our field trip vehicle

can help build our cottage house

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