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Homeschool Whys and Hows

To say that America has been grappling with issues of racial justice for the past year is an understatement. While Americans sat home in the stillness of a pandemic, we collectively witnessed the blatant murder of a defenseless man. This moment served as an awakening for those who had not otherwise contemplated race in America. The pandemic also meant that millions of children were doing school at home and thus, parents held a front seat in their classroom. Tweets and Facebook posts highlighted the way some children were being spoken to, the lack of representation in their class materials and more. After weathering months of trying to work while helping their children with school, families have been left to contemplate the best next step for educating their children.

I founded Marva Collins Cottage School to provide an alternative for working parents who want their child to have an exceptional education in an affirming environment. I realized that some families liked the idea of homeschooling their children, but did not have the bandwidth or for some, the desire to be their child's academic educator. For families like mine, with just one child, homeschool may seem like a lonely proposition or an option reserved for those with multiple children. I can relate to these concerns. It took me trying different school options and a few years of research to make my own leap! I came across The Homeschool Alternative when it was published in 2019 and it addressed so many of our experiences with my child's school environment.

As an educator, I've witnessed many of the challenges the authors identify. At my school, I found myself leading diversity committee work and advocating on behalf of our students, yet still feeling like children deserve more. Although this journey isn't without its own set of challenges, I am delighted to offer 'something more' to families that could benefit from MCCS. If you've been contemplating "incorporating a homeschool mindset for the benefit of Black children in America", I invite you to read The Homeschool Alternative by Dr. Myiesha Taylor and Haley Taylor Schlitz. You don't have to do it alone. It's my pleasure to partner with you.


Ms. Amaya

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